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Dear Students : I find it immense pleasure and content to extend my expertise as Principal of Mahila College Khagaul.  As a woman, I feel proud to be a part of this process where we work and learn together to identify avenues to achieve potential and execute in a more civilised and organised manner. The main objective is to hone the students to be responsible, resilient and confident to face their future and become a productive member of the community at large.

Our college comprises graduate course and post graduate courses. By and large the girls of this remote area are benefitted with the varied courses to develop their competencies. Our curriculum and practises are consistently reviewed to ensure the best practises to address the future needs of our students. Our faculty incorporate the dynamic trends to be updated and stream our students to the need of the century.

The progress of the students is monitored to have a holistic development which in turn helps them to be independent and professional. I witness rapid growth in infrastructure to furnish to the contemporary needs which are extended by the state and central governments. I extend my wishes and pray the students to grow to become in par with other urban counterparts, well equipped with skills, and ethical mindset with a brave emotional quotient to climb greater heights in future.

Dr. Usha Vidyarthi